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Now in the Shoppe + a Halloween Bash!

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Fall has kicked into full gear- and if you're like me- you are soaking it all up with a Caramel Salted Latte in one hand and your camera in the other. Good stuff. This week you'll find the FALL LOVE PENNANTS in the Shoppe.  I wanted to make a fun fall accessory for your scrap stash this week- they are terrific in pixel or print- and are a great way to update your seasonal layouts!
Looking for more seasonal fun? Don't miss the scary good HALLOWEEN BASH going on this weekend at the Lilypad! You'll enjoy fun, games, prizes a FWP kit and 30% off ALL Halloween Goodies, including these in the ForeverJoy Shoppe! 


Project Life | More Lessons Learned

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It's no secret I have been working to make my Project Life work flow more fluid. (You can follow my journey here on this blog.) But even now, a few  months into getting back on the proverbial horse, I feel like it's still a little bit of a bumpy ride for me. Sometimes, I look at the little grid of pockets and draw a blank. There seem to be so many spaces to fill- and I never feel like I have enough moments to fill them. But the pleasure of looking at the completed pages is what fuels my determination to keep at this and make it work. And truly, my family loves looking at these pocket pages- more than the 12x12s I adore- they just "get" these pages- and love the everyday stories they tell.  It's been a lot of trial and error with my pages, and I wanted to share with you a few things I did differently while working on my last PL spread that made it easier for me:

Hindsight. I worked on my pages after the month was over.  Weekly doesn't cut it for me. By waiting for the month to pass- I feel like I have a complete picture of the story I want to tell for that period and can make my photos flow better. Gathering the photos of the month is pretty effortless too- I mainly use photos I take with my iPad mini- and can see the whole month at a glance just by looking at my album like this:

Just by looking at my collection above , it was pretty clear that the end of school would play predominately in my spread. Once I decide on the photos Id like to use, I edit them right on my iPad.  I mostly use Snapseed and Fotor and Little Moments.  Then, once I have decided on the ones I am going to scrap- I can upload them to my Drop-box and transfer them to my PC hard drive. Now, my iPad is cleared, photos are printed (and scrapped!) and all is right with the world.

Print more photos than you need. Anytime I hit a wall pocket scrapping, it's because I don't have enough photos. And, the only thing stopping me from printing the photos is my frugality. I can be a scrappy cheapskate. But, I am working to embrace the mantra that "one can not scrap happy with alligator arms" and I make myself hit the print button. I've said it before- but it's really worth repeating- I love my little Selphy 910.  Something about having a wi-fi printer makes scrapping life so easy. The 4x6 photos are terrific- but most times I collage 2 2x3s on a sheet.  I also like adding captions to the photos in a program like Fotor or Little Moments before I print them out- I think it adds a lot to the page. 

I typically print 13-14 photos- and use 1-2 4x6's  in my spreads. Adding text to my 4x6photos in a photo editor is a terrific way to add to the story telling.

Limit decisions. Monthly Project Life Scrapping also works well for me because  I am subscribed to the Studio Calico Project Life Kit- and all I need to do is pull out the kit from that month and work from it. It doesn't matter if I am "behind"- , that little box is waiting for me with beautiful pieces that will play well with that time of year.   But here's the real beauty of the monthly kit-  it prevents my analysis paralysis of deciding what products to use and trying to make them work together. I force myself to use the kit as a starting point- and see how much I can use from it before looking anyplace else. This approach can work even if you don't subscribe to a monthly kit: Just gather supplies and make yourself use the ones you've chosen.  Face it- there are a hundred ways to scrap the same photos- you will never find the "best" way.  Make a choice and commit to it. No looking outside your initial choice until you've exhausted its possibilities ;)

Do two pages at a time.  I tried working on one page at a time back when I was gathering photos on a weekly basis.  I discovered for me, it's just too hard to get a good flow between pages this way. Also- I rarely have a weeks worth of photos that will happily fill one page- but filling 2 pages with a months worth is never a problem.  The photos I want to spotlight often find themselves repeated in a 12x12 spread- (which I may be incorporating in my PL book- I haven't decided yet-).

Don't worry about matching cards to the photos. I think this was one of the hardest things about pocket scrapping for me.  The photos I chose were over a period of time- and rarely would they have a common color I'd like to pull out. So I've changed how I approach this- and just have the cards all work together.  Then I bring out any accents in the photos with embellishments, like flairs, stickers and tags. Somehow, by approaching it this way- my pages seem to be more cohesive.

One of my favorite things about this page is the fact that i was finaly able to write with white ink on my photos.  I must have at least 10 white ink pens- but finally found one that works AH-mazingly! It's the Signo White Uniball Impact pen. I got it for less than $4 at Scrapbook.com 

My project Life Album and technique are both works in progress. I have a long way to go to get my pages where I like them- but that's my critical designers eye. My family adores these pages. And it's a great feeling flipping through page after page and seeing a year play out in front of you.  Even if the composition isn't perfect- the stories the photos tell are speaking out loud.  And that's what keeps me coming back for more.  


Now in the Shoppe | COLORFALL

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If you are like me- Autumn promises tons of photos and memories to scrap! I think it's my most scrap happy time of year!  Looking over the photos I love most, I realized that i wanted to scrap them in a way that really brought to life the full bloom of this season.  So, when designing the COLORFALL Page Kit, I looked for colors that would complement as opposed to match my photos. I worked to incorporate the vibrant pinks, orange and blues that play so beautifully with this time of year- and I have to admit- when all was said and done- I sure did "fall" for the final result! ;)  

I worked with the kit and explained a bit about using complementary colors in a video you can watch on YouTube here. If you create some joy with my designs that you'd like to share- I would love to see it!  Tag me on Facebook, or upload to Instagram using the hashtags #joycreated #foreverjoy!

Here's wishing you the best of times these magical first days of Autumn!

lo by motherbear

lo by 3littleks

lo by nietis

lo by iowan

lo by foreverjoy

lo by ellent

lo by enjoyyourpix


Now in the Shoppe | DEAR TO ME

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Welcome to October!  It's a wonderful time of year here at my little corner of the world- we have birthdays galore, Friday Night Lights on the football field, Saturday fall festivals and endless cups of cocoa by the fireplace on our deck. October always starts with a pumpkin-palooza and a cozying  up at home.  Less grilling- more roasts- away go the fans, out come the afghans. Good stuff.  

It's also a time of year that gets me thinking more about family, and the everyday little blessings and joys we have. Combine those sentiments with this months color pallet for this month's BYOC at The Lilypad- and you can understand the inspiration behind my latest design, DEAR TO ME. It's full of sweet sentiments, woodland motifs , gold-foil, veneer and vellum and colors that are vibrant and cozy all at the same time. I loved creating this design- and it was clear you did too after the emails you sent after I got to show a peek of it to you on Wednesday (Love hearing from you!) Seeing it all come together and to life in the Creative team layouts is just an awesome feeling-

The colored veneer word art and puffy antler stickers are among my faves in this pack!I

I had to work in my love of stamped cork board on this pack- and the gold foil deer paper has just the right amount of shimmer! 

This Journal Card pack is sure to make its way to my scrap room in real life this weekend for some Project Life pages I have planned ;) 

I don't know how it worked out- but I actually was able to carve out time to play with the design myself- a luxury I don't often get with my  deadline schedule. 

love that cork paper!

My  little guy gave this page a seal of approval- and didn't even mind the pink I popped in here- the antlers added enough swag to compensate!
There is a paper in the collection that really has my heart- its a pattern of frames that I also repeated in the elements.  Here is a page CT member IcaJovita made using it:

I designed the paper in Kraft style as well- and got a chance to work with it making a page using pinks with free licence, thanks to a photo of my sweet little niece.  I made a screencast of my process here: 

I think what I am most pleased with in this design is the way it can change mood so easily- from light to dark- but always keeping a vibrancy.

artwork by laluna
artwork by jetje
artwork by mrivas

artwork by lissykay




This Friday is the Build Your Own Collab (BYOC) at the Lilypad where designers work with the same set of colors and create products that play perfectly together. I have to tell you- the colors we all had to work with  this month were just pure joy! One of the best parts of my work is that I actually have scrap with me designs to ensure they are all that I would want in a digi-scrap kit.  I need to make sure it's a kit that really works well together- that the papers are beyond pretty- but also usable and that they coordinate well with each other. The elements need to be ones you would love to use on a page- and they need to be easily re-sized. And- I always test to see is a kit will work well with my "guy" photos. I love all things girly- but for me a perfect kit will work for a variety of moods.  Basically, I try ensure that it's all so user friendly that you will love it- and turn to it time and again in your digi stash.  Yep. It's a tough job, but some one's gotta do it!

Currently  on the drawing board is a design full of sweet little deer, woodland motifs and pretty florals.  I am currently crushing on all things deer and woodland- there are birch candles and cups of acorns on the dresser by my front door, along with a few little pumpkins.  I think its a such a subtly pretty way to welcome this new season. I tried to figure- other than being pretty little things- how could these sweeties play on a layout?  A little play on words and a theme focusing on those things that are "dear" to us made it all work out! Here are a few pages I made using the designs-

See? real guys can rock pink! Did you notice the painted word art on the photo? I
just learned that pony-trick- and packed it up in this design!

Thankfully, I have my sweet little nice to take pages for a test drive down Girly-Street. She is all things pink and pretty- and I adore the chance to channel my inner girly-girl and male  pages with her photos! I used the Zesty Template by Gina Miller for this page- 

yep. passed the "can it work with cool guy photos" test!

* ForeverJoy newsletter subscribers get early access and an exclusive bundled savings offer on this BYOC collection on Thursday night- so please watch your inboxes if you are signed up.  If you're not, but would like to join in the subscriber fun- take a moment to sign up below.  


Now in the Shoppe | Halloween Treats!


October is only a few days away- but Halloween has been on my mind for weeks! I adore this time of year- and its pure fun and playfulness has made it one of my most favorite holidays! (Christmas- Mama will always love you best!) Halloween is just so easy! There are no gift lists (other than bags of candy-) no stressful gatherings or functions and the weather is always wonderful!  Luckily, my little guy is still small enough to Trick-or-Treat- and even better- he doesn't like nuts in his chocolate- which means all the Snickers and Almond Joys are for me! -And the white tootsie rolls- those babies are priceless! 
All this joy has of course carried over to my drawing board, and I've stocked the shoppe with lots of holiday treats (the Tricky Pennants are truly a favorite of mine- I love designing them so much- I promise- there are sure to be more to come for other Holidays!) If you are a newsletter subscriber- be sure to check your inbox for a little as-always savings I put in your goodie bag! If you're not sign up yet- its easy to join the fun at the bottom of this page! 
I actually had some fun with this kit myself- making these layouts has really put me in the holiday spirit :) I feel a trip to the pumpkin patch coming in out very near future....

artwork by foreverjoy | template just jamiee stortytellers may 2014 @ the lilypad

artwork by iowan

artwork by foreverjoy | template amy martin whip it up vol 20 @ the lilypad

artwork by ellent

artwork by roxannamdm

artwork by sunflowersbaby

ps: have you noticed the new style in the blog design? let me know what you think!