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Let's kick off summer with a little "love fest" ForeverJoy Style! I'm a sentimental fool- you know, they type that gets weepy at the sound of Patriotic music at a Fourth of July Parade-
and tears with embarrassing ease at the unexpected sight of my boys suddenly looking bigger. The boys are used to it now- but strangers are often so taken back, they find themselves crying with me! Not that my goal here is to make you cry- but, I have to share a little background of the kit STARFISH that I am bringing back to the ForeverJoy shop this weekend. It is a fan fave from 2012- but so many have written asking for it to hit the scrappy beaches again this year- I had to bring it to the shoppe! ;) And, truth be told, it still has a special place in my heart. Of course, I love it because of its sun-washed colors - but the story behind the kit means the most to me. 

I designed this when my little guy was just finishing up kindergarten.  He had a very rough time being away from me and would often get homesick.  We were so blessed with a teacher who always took the time to bend down to him, put a hand on his back and comfort him. There were so many other children, and so many other problems to address than this little guy crying quietly into his book, hoping to hide the big silent tears that fell- but she always stopped. Always tried to make it better. And that made the difference. It reminded me of the Starfish Story- (which never fails to get me in the heart.)  I've written it out in a 4x6 printable for you to download and enjoy. Maybe you'd like to frame it, or mail it or just tuck it away some place. It's words are just so inspiring- and many times I'll find myself redirecting my day to focus on my boys because my purpose is to make a difference for them. I told you- I'm a sentimental one!

Just click HERE and your download should begin automatically.
The STARFISH kit itself is beautiful and timeless- I designed a few sweet sea critters and a gentle wave of beach pebbles - it's still among my favorite summer kits. Take a look at some of the magic my creative team worked with it this week:

STARFISH by ForeverJoy | artwork by laluna
STARFISH by ForeverJoy | artwork by roxananmdm
STARFISH by ForeverJoy | artwork by iowan

STARFISH by ForeverJoy | artwork by ellent

Newsletter subscribers enjoy an extra 15% off the kit this weekend- so you may want to sign up on the sidebar to enjoy this extra dose of fan appreciation! And, along as we are talking about the love newsletter subscribers receive in return for letting me visit their inbox each week- I have designed a free PNG file desktop wallpaper that will be included in this week's newsletter! I will be sending it out early Thursday morning- but will set some magic in motion so that if you sign up after the mailing, you should receive a copy in you mailbox within an hour or so.  Just be sure to check that naughty spam box! Here's a look at the gift:

I hope you enjoy it all!

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  1. Hello and Thank you for the lovely starfish download...

    1. :) Enjoy it Linda! That story has been a fave of mine for such a long time!

  2. This is a fabulous tale. Never heard it before. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I always enjoy this story - thank you!