Sunday, June 22, 2014

The big pause button and nunchuck skills

Over the weekend, I was talking to some not-so-close family and they asked what I was doing to keep myself busy.  I spoke a bit about work and the kids and home projects- and then went on to happily talk about how I had rearranged my scrap-room and was really enjoying stealing a way a bit a few times a week to work on some new skills.  They looked at me and gave a little shake of the head - it looked like pity!- and said, "Wow- you're still doing that thing? I thought that fad died out." Yah- like I said, a not-so-close family member. ;)

A few days later, I  received my order of the first half of 2014 photos- about 350 in all. And in going through them, flipping one over the other, pausing here and there- it really reinforced to me that scrapbooking is like a big awesome pause button. The scrapping process makes you more aware of the now that you'd like to save for later.  Beyond the big events and holidays- the everyday gets a spotlight that may go unnoticed if you didn't consciously stop and give it your creative attention.  And better than all the pretties and papers that go into that spotlight- there's the voice.  Whether it's in a title, a caption, or a journal block-  the voice you give your photos is what really stops time and draws in focus. Whether you are working with photos from yesterday and giving them a present tense voice, or scrapping photos from awhile ago, and giving them perspective.

Like I said, I've been working on some new "scrappy nunchuck skills"- um, I have to stop here to give you a look at my Napoleon Dynamite reference (of which I am very fond!)

Skills. I think its important to try new things- new styles, new techniques. You either learn something new- or realize what you've done all along is just perfect, thank you.  As for me, I've been pushing myself beyond the comfort zone of 12x12's and have begun to "pick pockets" with my new Project Life gear.  I've been seeing so many darn beautiful pocket layouts- I needed to give a real amount of effort.  It hasn't been intuitive for me- it's definitely a different way of looking at things, but I like it.  I'll be sharing some thoughts on this maiden voyage with you later this week- truth told- it's been a little hard. But very much worth it.

Finally, I came across the little video I made a few months back trying to explain how scrapbooking puts a little magic into a photo. It's not super fancy- but I like how you can see the photos transform into a layout.  I thought I'd share it with you here:

I'll see you later in the week!

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4 Responses to “ The big pause button and nunchuck skills ”

  1. Oh the Joy you bring me! I applaud you for ignoring what's said and going forward with your talents. Researching different techniques is what keeps us fresh and is part of what it is to be creative.

    Don't let anyone stop you from being you!

    Many hugs,


    1. xo! Thanks for the high five Kim! learning new stuff and actually rocking it all- well, that has yet to be seen- but I'm reaching for those stars! ;)

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I often wonder if they don't scrapbook, why take the picture at all, if it stays on their phones never to be seen again?!!!

    1. Yes! Many of the same people who have tons of photos on their cameras and think nothing of asking you to look at them ALL as they click thru them one. by. one. roll their eyes when you ask if they want to see some of your LOs. But I rant. I need to let it gooooo ;)